Kettle Hill Capital Management
Kettle Hill Capital Management, LLC was founded in 2003 as an alternative investment manager. By focusing on unique risk-reward opportunities within the small-capitalization equity universe, we seek to generate superior absolute returns over the investment cycle.

We build our long-short equity portfolio on the principles of independent thinking, excellent fundamental research, and sound investment discipline to provide investors with a differentiated value investment strategy. Our investment selection takes advantage of significant risk-reward opportunities and inefficiencies in the small-capitalization universe, given:


  • Limited sell-side research, banking coverage
  • Liquidity constraints confining buy-side research coverage, ownership
  • Meaningful catalysts, change: new products, new management, restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, liquidity events, economic/industry dynamics

The ability to identify these unique opportunities is the product of the proprietary research that makes Kettle Hill Capital Management, LLC distinct, thereby creating rewarding opportunities for our investors.
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